Atlanta Airport Terminal Map

Atlanta, GA Airport Info:

Atlanta, GA Airport IATA Code: ATL Atlanta, GA Airport ICAO Code: KATL
Latitude : 33.64 Longitude : -84.444
City : Atlanta, GA Country : United States
World Area Code : 67 Airport Type : Large
Atlanta, GA Airport Address / Contact Details :
The Wm B Hartsfield Atlanta (ATL), Atlanta, GA 30337, USA, Phone: (404) 530-7300/ (800) 897-1910
Airport Type : Public
Owner : City of Atlanta
Operator : Atlanta Department of Aviation
Hub for : Delta Air Lines,
Established Year : 1926
Timezone : America/New_York
Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International Airport Timezone : GMT -04:00 hours

ATL Terminal Map

Welcome to an ultimate guide on Atlanta Airport Map, learn more about one of the world's busiest international airports with our interactive maps.

This thorough travelog for the Atlanta Airport can assist you in finding your way through the airport whether you are picking up a loved one, traveling for work, or taking a vacation. Moreover, we will also brief you on the Atlanta Airport restaurant map, so you can get a quick bite before or after a flight.

Atlanta Airport Overview

In addition to being the biggest airport in the country, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is also one of the busiest and most advanced.

Atlanta Airport is even regarded by some as being the top international airport in North America. More than 150 domestic and 70 foreign destinations are accessible by air. Each year, more than 90 million people use the ATL Airport. Here are key points that you should know about Atlanta Airport -

  • 222+ Non stop direct destinations
  • Free wifi throughout the Airport
  • VIP lounges
  • Baggage services including a lost and found department
  • Over 80 airlines
  • On average, there are over 1,900 flights per day

Atlanta Airport Map Layout

There are two terminals; North and South - both combined have 7 concourses and 192 gates. All the terminals and concourses are connected by a transportation mall.

All international flights arrive at concourse E and F. Both these concourses have a total of 40 gates.

Moreover, the international airport, also known as Maynard H. Jackson Jr. The International Terminal is located on the east side of the Airport. Whereas, domestic terminal (T), is located on the west side. Both are connected by a transportation mall, and the concourses are divided by the North and South terminals.

Atlanta Airport Gate Map

Atlanta Airport has a total of 192 gates. Below are the number of gates divided in 7 concourses.

  • Concourse T - 21 gates
  • Concourse A - 29 gates
  • Concourse B - 32 gates
  • Concourse C - 34 gates
  • Concourse D - 40 gates
  • Concourse E - 28 gates
  • Concourse F - 12 gates

Concourse T services gates T1 through T21 if you wish to get to the domestic terminal. These gates serve as the arrival and departure points for all interstate flights.

A, B, C, D, E, and F are the six concourses (171 gates) where foreign planes land. Southeast and northeast terminals make up these concourses.

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Atlanta Airport South Terminal Map

The south terminal has 7 concourses including F. Whereas, the north terminal does not have the F concourse. From the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport arrival, which is the bottom level, you will enter Concourse F. Here you will find gates F1 to F14.

Concourse F is the only concourse in the Atlanta International Airport that has a gate for Airbus A380. This airplane is the largest passenger aircraft in the world.

After that, there is the E concourse, which also processes international flights. From the south terminal, you can access gates E1 to E17.

Concourse D, from the south terminal you can access gates D3 to D16. This is also one of the largest concourses in the Atlanta Airport, following concourse C.

Concourse C has 34 gates, which from C1 to C22 are situated in the south terminal. Moreover, Concourse B, from gate B1 to B18 is in the south terminal.

Concourse A, which only serves Delta Airlines, from gate A1 to A18 is in the south terminal.

Atlanta Airport North Terminal Map

In contrast to Atlanta Airport's South Terminal, which is home to just Delta Air Lines, Atlanta Airport's North Terminal is home to all domestic carriers, including Southwest carriers, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Alaska Airlines.

Additionally, Atlanta Airport's North Terminal handles all check-in and ticketing for the majority of foreign flights. However, there isn't a gate at the North Terminal's concourse F.

Below we have mentioned domestic and international flight gates that are in the Atlanta Airport North Terminal.

  • Concourse T - T9 to T15
  • Concourse A - A19 to A34
  • Concourse B - B19 to B36
  • Concourse C - C30 to C55
  • Concourse D - D24 to D46
  • Concourse E - E26 to E37

Atlanta Airport Concourse A Map

Concourse A is about half a mile and has 29 gates. This concourse only serves Delta Airlines.

The middle point or known as ground transportation connects the concourse T and B, C, D, E, and F via elevator, escalator, and train.

Some major outlets, including Balgari and Salvatore Ferragamo, are also situated in the middle point. Not only that, there is a line of food and beverage outlets including a piece of cake, boar's head, low country, Qdoba (open 24 hours), and a few more.

Gates A1 to A18 are in the south terminal and the remaining are in the north. Both terminals have amenities and services like ATMs, prepaid cards, and telephones.

Since Concourse A only serves Delta Airlines, you can also access the Delta sky club, Airlines ticket service counter, and Delta self-service center.

Atlanta Airport Food Map Concourse A

You can find a range of food and beverages outlets in the Atlanta Airport concourse A, including coca cola vending machines. Here are the most popular outlets and their locations.

  • Asian Chao - A3 Gate, south terminal
  • Atlanta Bread & Bar - A34 Gate, north terminal
  • Savannah's Candy Chicken - Gate A14
  • Low Country New Southern Cuisine - A Centerpoint
  • Piece of Cake - A Centerpoint
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - A12 Gate
  • Qdoba Mexican Grill - A Centerpoint.
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Atlanta Airport Concourse B Map

The midpoint of Concourse B mainly includes the transportation ground connecting Concourse A and C. On top of this, there are a bunch of food and beverage outlets that you can find at the midpoint.

If you are visiting Concourse B from A, it would take around 12 minutes if you opt for the shuttle service.

There are a total of 32 gates in Concourse B, B1 to B18 in the south terminal and remaining in the north. Both terminals include food and beverages, retail shops, services (ATM and currency exchange), and airport services including the ticket counter.

Atlanta Airport Concourse B Food Map

B concourse has a cluster of restaurants in the centrepoint as well as the south and north terminal.

There are over 19 food and beverage outlets in the B concourse. Here are the most popular outlets and their locations -

  • Atlanta Bread Company Kiosk - Gate B7
  • Coffee Beanery/Purple Leaf Cafe - Gate B3
  • Popeyes - Gate B13
  • Roast Coffee House - Centrepoint
  • Wendy’s - Centrepoint
  • Savannah's Candy Kitchen - Centrepoint
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Atlanta Airport Concourse C Map

Concourse C, as opposed to Concourse A, accommodates a variety of local and foreign carriers, such as AirTran Airways, Delta Air Lines, Delta Connections, Delta Connection Delta Connection, and Southwest carriers. The plane train runs around-the-clock and departs every two minutes if you wish to travel from Concourse B or A to Concourse C.

In comparison to other concourses, the centerpoint is small, with only 2 food and beverage establishments and amenities, including an ATM.

Concourse C is the second-largest concourse in the Atlanta Airport with a total of 34 gates.

Atlanta Airport Concourse C Food Map

Concourse C of the Atlanta Airport has 16 eating and drinking establishments. Here are several prominent stores along with their locations.

  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries - Gate C41
  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries - Centrepoint
  • Chick-Fil-A - Gate C21
  • Atlanta Bread Company - Gate C30
  • Links Grill - Gate C30
  • Starbucks - C30 Gate
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Atlanta Airport Concourse D Map

Concourse D has the most gates (40) for domestic and international flights. Elevator, escalator, and aircraft train access are available to the central point. There are many things you can do to pass the time if your flight leaves from Concourse D.

Concourse D's south and north terminals each provide a variety of dining options. Additionally, there are services like Atlanta Best Buy and inMotion Entertainment.

Near the elevator in Concourse D Centrepoint is a money exchange business.

You can also head to the Delta Sky Club lounge near the gate D27. Following are the airline planes that arrive and depart from Concourse D - Air Canada (International), America West Airlines, Continental Airlines, Corporate Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Independence Air, Midwest Airlines, and Northwest Airlines.

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Atlanta Airport Concourse E Map

Concourse E is where most foreign planes depart from. It also contains the largest centerpoint, which houses the Delta Sky Club, a ticket window for Delta Airlines, a senator lounge for Lufthansa, and a number of eateries.

Gates on the east side (E14 to E18), south (E26 to E37), and north terminals (E1 to E12) are all located on this concourse.

All of the airline check-in counters, including those for Delta, Virgin, Atlantic, and Lufthansa, are on Level 2.

You may use an escalator or elevator to go to concourse F from the east side of the concourse. While access to the F, D, C, B, A, and T concourses may be made from the west side via rail, escalator, and elevator.

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Atlanta Airport Concourse F Map

The one of two international terminals at Atlanta Airport, F concourse operates only international flights from aircraft companies such as Air France, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, KLM Airlines, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Korean Air Lines Airlines, Air Canada, and Virgin Atlantic.

Concourse F doesn't, however, have a north terminus. Instead, the south terminal is home to all 12 gates (numbered F1 through F12). All of the foreign airline check-in counters are on the top level. Additionally, there are a few restaurants, VIP areas, and other amenities like ATMs and currency exchange desks.

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Atlanta Airport Concourse T Map

Concourse T is the domestic terminal of the Atlanta Airport. If you visit the domestic terminal from Concourse A, you would first need to go through the security checks. From that point forward, you can enter the Centrepoint and the atrium.

Centrepoint is similar to any other concourse in the airport and includes a few services and eateries. Whereas, the atrium is the exact middle point of the domestic terminal. On its third level, you can access more airport services including an oversized baggage screening.

There are a few popular restaurants in Centrepoint, including an enormous iHop (open 24/7) and Atlanta chophouse and bakery.

On the other end of the Centrepoint, you can exit the domestic terminal and catch the shuttle connectors and hotel shutters.

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Map of Domestic Terminal at ATL airport

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South Domestic Terminal Map

In case you want to enter the north or south terminal, you need to go through different security checks and not the main one, the one that leads to the atrium or Centrepoint.

After the south terminal security check, you will have to go through the ticket screening counter.

From thereon, you can go from gate T1 to T8.

Airlines in the south domestic terminal -

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Delta Air lines

There are 6 exits, S1 to S6, which leads to the south terminal parking.

North Domestic Terminal Map

The North terminal has gates from T9 to T15. Similar to the south terminal; there are 6 exits, N1 to N6. All these exits lead to the north parking, from where you can also visit the gateway center, a sky train point.

Airlines in the North domestic terminal -

  • Airtran
  • American Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Silver Airlines
  • Southwest
  • Spirit Airlines
  • United
  • US Airways

Atlanta Airport Parking Map

There are 4 parking lots at Atlanta Airport. First, the east parking, which is for the international flights at Maynard H. Jackson jr Blvd. Take an exit at 239 and you can reach the east parking. From here, you can enter the international terminal, concourse F and E.

On the west side, there are three parking lots (Atlanta Domestic terminal), north parking deck, south parking deck, and ATL west parking.

You can reach the north and south parking deck from their respective exits. For instance, the south domestic terminal has 6 exits, S1 to S6. They all lead to the south deck parking. Same is the case with the North parking deck. Take a look at the picture below to get a better overview on the Atlanta Airport parking map.

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Atlanta Airport Food Map

There are 16 to 25 eateries in each concourse of Atlanta Airport. Concourse A has the most restaurants and other eateries, 25 combined. 

These places are well divided between the North and South terminal. So no matter where you are, you have plenty of options throughout the Atlanta Airport. 

In case you don't plan to sit and eat, and are looking for something on the go, like a quick bite, there are vending machines on all the concourses. Take a look at the map mentioned below - 

Zoom in to see Restaurant Location Atlanta Airport Restaurant Map

Atlanta Airport car rental center

To reach the Atlanta Airport car rental center, head to the ATL west parking at the exit of domestic terminal. Take the sky train to reach the car rental center. The train runs across the 85, all the way to the other side of the highway.

Here are the available Atlanta Airport car rental companies -

  • Advantage
  • Alamo
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Dollar
  • Enterprise
  • Europcar
  • Ez
  • National
  • Payless
  • Routes
  • Sixt
  • Thrifty